Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beware: Your TV is watching you

Verizon's new cable box watches you!

In 2012 Verizon filed a patent for a cable box with infrared cameras and microphones. Your TV is now watching you watch it. It will record your expressions and voice. This will be sent to advertisers in order to determine which commercials to show. So, say you laugh at a commercial this may mean you like the commercial. The TV will then show you a similar commercial. However, if you show dislike or distaste towards the commercial it will show you a different one. This in my opinion is a huge violation of privacy. So, I would stay away from Verizon for their TV service. Internet and phone should be ok though. Finally, below I have listed a link to the patent, a diagram from the patent page (with link) and a link to another article about this.

Example of the cable box function:

And the links: